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Masterpieces of Art: JMW Turner

The English Romantic painter Joseph Mallord William Turner was a brilliant landscape artist, a watercolourist and printmaker. In his time he was controversial, but his focus on land and seascapes widened the palette of artists and their audience, and his impressionistic brushwork prepared the way for the fragmentation of the modern era. This wonderful new book brings to life his greatest achievements in glorious colour.
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Edvard Munch Masterpieces of Art

A beautiful gift art book all about Edvard Munch, the Norwegian artist behind the first truly Expressionist picture The Scream. Beginning with a fresh and captivating introduction to Munch’s life and art, the book showcases several of his works in all their glory.
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This brilliant book shows you how to explore your interest in fantasy and dragons, with a series of features for the beginner and intermediate artist. Packed with step by step guides from a range of modern artists the book focuses on drawing skills and shows you how to achieve spectacular results. Perfect for digital and traditional art.
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Ultimate Rock Riffs

Features over 150 of the world's greatest guitar superstars. From the heroes of classic rock - the likes of Hendrix, Clapton, Page and Beck - to contemporary maestros such as Jack White and Muse's Matt Bellamy, this catalogue of guitarists covers a wide range of musical styles.
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A Brief History of Album Covers

Celebrate some of the greatest covers of the last 50 years, such as the Beatles' "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" or Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon", alongside entertaining and informative text. This great little book that will make an ideal gift for any music aficionado or art and design enthusiast.
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Josephine Wall's Celestial Art

The world of artist Josephine Wall is fantastical and enchanting, full of fairies, godesses, angels and nature spirits. Enjoy some of her most beautiful artworks, alongside engaging text on her life, work and artistic influences as well as the mythic influences, including Northern European, Native American, African and Aboriginal folklore.  
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Imagine a world where steam is the main source of power, but the attitudes are distinctly futuristic – the romance of the past meets the technology of the future. Steampunk is a subculture on the rise and this is the book to show the art, the movies and the fashion.
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