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Masterpieces of Art: Wassily Kandinsky

Beginning with a fresh and thoughtful introduction to Kandinsky's life and art, Kandinsky Masterpieces of Art goes on to showcase his key works spanning early paintings inspired by Russian folk art and fairy tales to later works characterised by contrasting colours and striking geometric shapes.
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Edward Hopper: Masterpieces of Art

Showcases all the best-loved work of this perennially popular portrayer of atmospheric modern life. Discover a fresh viewpoint on his life and work, before enjoying the beautiful reproductions of everything from Automat and Early Sunday Morning to the famous Nighthawks.
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The Illustrated Book of Zen

Zen is a way of life and this inspirational new book, with beautiful illustrations, poetry and still-pointed text discusses Zen's origins in Buddhism, how to achieve enlightenment through meditation and contemplation, and even how to cook in the spirit of Zen. It's a beautifully bound and illustrated and perfect as a companion as well as a gift.
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Illustrated Book of Hymns and Psalms

This title provides hymns and psalms of celebration, guidance, courage and salvation. Beautifully illustrated with traditional, evocative paintings. Companion to the Illustrated Book of Prayer.
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Science Fiction Short Stories

A deluxe edition of super-charged, original and classic short stories. Dystopia, Post-Apocalypse, time travel, robots and more this brilliant collection brings together the best of today's writers with an eclectic range of sf masters including H. Rider Haggard, Stanley G. Weinbaum, Philip Frances Nowlan, Edward Page Mitchell and Jack London.
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Chilling Horror Short Stories

A deluxe edition of original and classic short stories, packed with monsters, vampires and the weird. Tales of shadows and voices in the dark from the likes of H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, Mary Shelley, Nathaniel Hawthorne and William Hope Hodgson are cast with previously unpublished stories by some of the best writers of horror today.
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Chilling Ghost Short Stories

A deluxe edition with a chilling selection of original and classic short stories. The new tales, many of them published here for the first time, bring a modern twist to the outstanding mix of intrigue that lurks in the furtive imagination of E.F. Benson, Henry James, Wilkie Collins, Washington Irving , Edith Wharton, Oscar Wilde and so many more.
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