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Art Deco Fashion Masterpieces of Art

Part of a new series of beautiful gift art books, Art Deco Fashion: Masterpieces of Art highlights artworks from fashion illustrators of the era that was characterized by the allure of modernity, progression, women’s liberation, and luxury – leading to the short hemlines and androgyny of the Flapper, the outdoorsy Sporty girl and Silver Screen goddesses.
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Edvard Munch Masterpieces of Art

A beautiful gift art book all about Edvard Munch, the Norwegian artist behind the first truly Expressionist picture The Scream. Beginning with a fresh and captivating introduction to Munch’s life and art, the book showcases several of his works in all their glory.
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This brilliant book shows you how to explore your interest in fantasy and dragons, with a series of features for the beginner and intermediate artist. Packed with step by step guides from a range of modern artists the book focuses on drawing skills and shows you how to achieve spectacular results. Perfect for digital and traditional art.
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How To Draw Manga

Manga styles have swept the internet, with comics, videos and imports flooding across Europe and America, inspiring a new generation of artists. Simple, accessible and using a range of artists the book covers How to Study and Copy the Top Artists, Character Design and Personality, Working with Body sizes and Head Counts, Drafting and Story Design.
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iPhone 5, SE, 6 & 7 Made Easy

The latest versions of the iphone have enhanced features and this guide will help you to get the most out of them. The iPhone 7 is an incredible, feature-rich phone and easy to use if you know how. As one of the most popular smartphones, almost everyone needs to know how to use this fundamental modern tool. Covers iPhones 5, 6, 7 and SE.
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Design Basics Made Easy

Graphic design is as important today, as it was before the computer, the iPad and the internet. Understanding colour, spatial relationships, how to work with images and fonts are critical to any form of successful design: a poster, a newsletter, a book cover, an advert, a website. Perfect for those exploring design, at any level, and in every form.
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A Book of Children's Verse

A fantastic collection, including the classic poetry of Robert Louis Stevenson, Hilaire Belloc, William Blake, Rudyard Kipling and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Accompanied by beautiful and colourful art.
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The Illustrated Book of Prayer

This title provides prayers of thanks and praise, prayers for healing, for forgiveness, for peace and for guidance and strength. Beautifully illustrated with traditional, evocative paintings.
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